A Team of Employees on the Gold Coast

Why should smaller companies consider having an EAP provider?

If you are a small business, 100 employees or less, you may be wondering if your business is too small to have an EAP provider. The Employee Assistance Program motivates your team from within, to help you achieve your ultimate goals.

As a business owner, you know that starting any business is continuous work. Weekends and weekdays blur into one, and you never seem to take a break. The first, and most important employee is you, and at this point you are thinking about your mental and physical wellness in connection with the success of the company.

How is your mental health impacting your work?

Whatever the company size, or how many employees, it is a question you need to ask. Are you coping well? Are your employees getting what they need from you and their work? Is your business getting enough attention? But do you still have a life and world outside your business?

Is your business too small for EAP?

This means that no business is too small to be concerned and worried about the health of its employees. Whether this is 99 employees or just you alone. To build success in the business world, you need to first have peace and happiness in the internal world.

The formula for a successful workplace includes mental health.

A Great Workplace Environment for Employees on the Gold Coast

A great workplace environment is a key part of the formula to continue growing and succeeding in business. However, if you are unfamiliar on how to make sure your workplace environment is positive, then you may want to reach out for help. This is where EAP comes in.

What can the EAP do for you?

The EAP provides a team of top therapists fluent and experienced in the corporate environment. They can provide you with everything from one-on-one counselling, to a step by step plan to keeping your employees healthy and happy. Having employees with a positive outlook and that are engaged in your business is invaluable to your success. Their mental state will bleed over into their work, being able to elevate or drown their outcomes. With the appropriate support, each worker can achieve their full potential at work. The counsellors will consider your business unique needs, the backgrounds of your employees, and your desired outcomes to personalize the service to you.

Why should smaller companies consider having an EAP provider?

Smaller companies should consider having an EAP provider, because that is one of the key ingredients in helping them grow. To foster a winning and expanding work environment, every employee needs to be in an optimistic and growth mindset. With the mental health support taken care of, they will be free to give their all to your business.

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